Snow Removal Not a Burden for Deployed or TDY Service Members

April 28, 2021

Snow removal is an important topic at Eielson Air Force Base. The snowy season lasts roughly seven months with an average snow fall of 61 inches per year. That is more than double the U.S. average. Corvias Property Management, which provides on-base housing at Eielson, routinely clears snow on the residential streets after each snow event. Residents are responsible for clearing their own driveways, but when 30+ service members went TDY this snow season, Corvias provided driveway snow removal services for those families.

“Our mission is to provide quality service for the military families who choose to live on base at Eielson,” said Eielson AFB Operations Director Richard Kinney. “Offering snow removal for families managing separations from their service members allows us to relieve one more stress.”

When a service member receives orders to go TDY or deploy for more than 30 days, quality snow removal services are offered complimentary by Corvias. To qualify for the service, Corvias simply asks for a copy of the TDY or deployment orders. The program runs all winter long. During this time, the driveway will be maintained by a reputable contractor familiar with the Alaska snow, Mainscape.

Many families have expressed their gratitude for the snow removal service and the quality of the work.

Corvias provided snow removal service for 30+ families of service members who were TDY this snow season.