Skyline view of a city next to water

Corvias’ expertise in developing innovative public-private partnerships (P3s) that address stormwater challenges was recognized in the Great Lakes area. Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc. (ECT), an environmental consulting group with strong relationships in EPA Region 5, asked Corvias to join their team in implementing an $886,000 grant program within the Great Lakes region. The grant is designed to identify, develop, structure, and implement P3 programs in the Great Lakes area that address stormwater compliance through green infrastructure (GI). The goal of this project is to attract large sums of private funding for GI that result in measurable reductions in peak flows, reduced combined sewer overflows (CSOs), nutrient loading reduction, and increased groundwater recharge. Specifically, this project seeks to execute large-scale ($50+ million), privately-financed programs, and distribute GI in two to four municipalities/regions within the Great Lakes. Through the significant scale of the proposed GI program, the project will facilitate a measurable improvement in the underlying stormwater quantity/quality with a sustainable, long-term solution via consistent and reliable funding sources.

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